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There is a heaven

There is a heaven, belive me, I've seen it.
But you're skin is too white to let
your little hands

slit your wrists and kill yourself.


May the truth never get to you.
May the sun never find your skin.

May your eyes never see the guilt.
May the world never find your doll.

Dream of an Angel

On the day dreams fell from the sky,
An angel crushed into my church.
The breach let some rain wash my clothes,
And the shine let my flowers grow a bit.

My eyes won't mirror him,
and my smurge won't touch his fingers.
I will let his soul rest uncorrupted,
While leaving before he awakens.

No angel's face will see me,
if I surrender the church.
No angel's face will see me,
no route through self-destruction.


C'รจ in te tutto il mio dolore
ed in me il seme di questa terra.

Sono io la tua ragione per partire
e tu la mia di rinascere.

Non specchiarti nei miei occhi
mentre mi lascio morire da questa gente.

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